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Capture and Manage your THOUGHTS from your mobile device

ThoughtMinder Mobile Application is the single greatest thought realization catalyst that has the ability to capture thoughts in real time via recorded voice notes. ThoughtMinder App also provides a quick way to capture thoughts, track, and organize thoughts for everyone, on-the-go individuals with busy lifestyles who desire to be more intentional about thoughts by identifying thought patterns, work to improve their mindset, reframe the mind, discover purpose, ultimately manifest positive thoughts and imaginations that align with purpose.

ThoughtMinder Mobile App is powerful and creative journal app. Best of all, it can serve as a catalyst in manifesting and realizing your thoughts through the reminder feature that will signal alerts at a set time to execute your captured thoughts.


•​Voice Note Recording

•​Play/Pause, Save, Stop, Review options

•​Custom Reminder setting/alerts

•​24/7 Access to recordings

•​Unlimited audio recording and lengths

•​Articles to educate on the power of thoughts and imaginations

•​“I am” affirmation dashboard


•​Transform your thoughts into action and reality

•​Easy and convenient way to capture thoughts

•​Set custom reminders for voice notes

•​Your voice notes are always with you

•​Positive affirmation

•​Practical easy way to record thoughts & imaginations

•​Capture voice notes wherever and whenever

•​Track patterns in thoughts and mindset

•​Helpful way of self-learning

•​Great tool to capture to-do list

•​Record voice notes and set reminders for meetings and appointments

•​Voice capture new diet, exercise routine, medication side effects and much more

•​Get more out of therapy sessions

•​Increases your ability to realize thoughts, dreams, ideas, visions, and imaginations

•​Never forget your thoughts, visions and imaginations

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” proverbs 23:7

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What are you thinking? . . . Align your thoughts with your purpose and destiny.

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Podcasts aThe ThoughtMinder podcast will be platform were we’ll discuss the power is the mind, specifically our thoughts. There will be a host of guest from your day to day people with life experiences, mental health professionals such as psychiatric nurses, psychologists, therapists, etc and Christians such as Ministers, Pastors and more